Board Member Spotlight: Dr. Joshua Steinke – Auglaize County Board Member

Tell us a little about your business/organization.

  • “I’m a family chiropractor by trade and own Steinke Family Chiropractic. We are all about healing by design. We lay hands on the sick and watch them recover. I’m the director of Worship Anyway as well. We gather the Church outside of the church to see people transformed and cities revived.”

How long have you had your business/organization?

  • ”Steinke Family Chiropractic- 12 years and Worship Anyway- 7 years”

What made you start them?

  • “Both- God simply asked us to. There was a need in our community that we saw we could fill. God opened the door for us, and we walked through it.”

Why have you joined the WOCC board?

  • “I am passionate about the Kingdom and Kingdom business. I wanted to be a part of leading the charge of encouraging other to be as well.”

What are your thoughts/feelings on how the WOCC impacts kingdom commerce and our communities?

  • “WOCC provides a place for like-minded folks to connect, encourage, sharpen, and support one another. It’s really a picture of the church in the marketplace. I’m a firm believer that the rising tide lifts all boats (as long as they aren’t filled with holes). WOCC is a rising tide lifting the boats of all area kingdom-minded businesses.”

Give us a testimony either about yourself or your business/organization.

  • “Six months before I went to chiropractic school in Atlanta, I told my father that I wasn’t going to school- I was going to stay home and work in a factory. He called me “an idiot” directly to my face. He said, “You have so much potential and you’re an idiot to waste it. Go for one year and if you don’t like it, then come back to the factory.” 12 years into serving the masses and doing ministry in the office every day, I still THANK GOD for speaking through my father even then. I ended up getting radically saved 8 months later in chiropractic school and the rest is history. Now after 12 years, an office ministry, a street ministry, 7 kids and a beautiful wife… I’m amazed at how God loved me even then and does now.”
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