Board Member Spotlight: John Johns, Sr. – WOCC Hancock County Board Member

Tell us a little about your business/organization.

“Findlay Monument Company is a family owned and operated monument and lettering business that has been in operation since 1967. Our company desires to provide distinctive, meaningful, and affordable methods of putting your family’s legacy in stone.”


What made you start your business?

“My father started the business with an emphasis in on-site engravings in 1967 and I began working with him in 1968 at the age of 9. After getting married in 1978, I started a job outside of the monument business. However, after my father passed away in 1990, I felt led to come back and continue the family business into the next generation. My first son, John, started working alongside me in the cemeteries in 1998 and from there we continued to grow as a small business. In 2006, we decided to expand our company and opened up our monument retail store located in Findlay, Ohio with my second son, Steven. We have continued to grow as a business and have now welcomed my grandson, Isaiah, into the family business as the fourth generation and future Findlay Monument Company.”


Why have you joined the WOCC board?

“Becoming a part of the WOCC board has provided me the opportunity to merge my passions of our small business with my passion for the Lord. This organization has become a connection point for like-minded believers and businesses to support each other financially and spiritually. I am honored to serve in a role of leadership in this local commerce-based ministry.”


What are your thoughts/feelings on how the WOCC impacts kingdom commerce and our communities?

“The WOCC provides Kingdom-minded business owners with the opportunity to collaborate with each other in the surrounding areas, learning together about implementing Biblical strategies in the function of our businesses. The WOCC also allows us to support local businesses that publicly stand for the truth of the Gospel. My prayer is that as more businesses proclaim the Gospel, we will see revival in our communities. Kingdom commerce is more than just business; it’s about seeing the lives of our customers changed for the glory of God.”


Give us a testimony either about yourself or your business/organization.

“I first encountered the Lord and got saved at 22 years old in 1981. About 3 years ago, the Lord started to convict me on the complacency I had in my relationship with Him. Since then, the Lord has been revealing areas of my life that I needed to surrender to Him. I have found that even after nearly 40 years of walking with God, there is still more to sacrifice and surrender. As I have sought Him for deliverance in these last few years, He has been gracious and faithful to continue to reveal Himself to me, as I have offered up my life as a living sacrifice over again. As the Lord opens people’s eyes to realize how long they have allowed a lukewarm spirit in their walk with Him, my prayer is that the Lord will use me and my life as a testament to others who are struggling with this feeling of defeat. He is the ultimate Redeemer of all things, especially that of time and He is not done with me yet.”