Board Member Spotlight: Orrie Augsburger – WOCC Allen County Board Member

Tell us a little about your business/organization.

“Faith Investment Services exists to provide wholistic financial planning services to our clients in a Christ-Like Manner. We often help people with retirement, income, estate, tax, and other planning details. With investments, we can help people and businesses align their portfolio with their Faith Values.”

How long have you had your business/organization?

“Faith Investment Services has been serving people for nearly 20 years.”

What made you start your business?

“I started working at Faith Investment Services in 2017. As of January 1, 2023, I officially became the lead Adviser and Kathi Dunlap now owns the firm.

Over the years, we created this firm to serve people and businesses in various areas of finance. For us, it is a ministry and opportunity to serve people in a Christ-like manner.”

 Why have you joined the WOCC board?

“Christian businesses and leaders need a community that supports them. Being on the board allows me and other believers to have greater involvement in helping shape moral and faith values of communities. For me, it’s another opportunity to serve and help build people without sacrificing faith values.”

What are your thoughts/feelings on how the WOCC impacts kingdom commerce and our communities?

“I think the WOCC helps build awareness of Christian businesses and business leaders. Through commerce, networking, and support the WOCC helps improve Christian values and perception in our communities.”

Give us a testimony either about yourself or your business/organization.

“I believe I have the best job in the world. I have had the opportunity to serve in different careers, none of which have been as fulfilling as Faith Investment Services. With this business, we’re able to move millions of dollars away from companies that actively support anti-Christian values.

It’s my job to listen to, help, and encourage every client and person that meets with us to live a fulfilling life. People and businesses give us the opportunity to teach, share, and provide them the tools to build success in their lives and the lives of others.”