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We know that purchasing an inspection is optional, but did you know that many people regret not buying a home inspection within their first year of owning a new home? Typically, home inspections cost less than 1% of your home purchase. In the home buying process, this is one service you don’t want to skip!

Is that a bad crack in the wall? How does the crawlspace look? Is the roof leaking? Is that a water spot? Call the experts who see hundreds of homes and professionally diagnose the symptoms your home is showing. Think of us like doctors, but only for your home. Inspection reports come packed with information room by room, as well as summaries at the end, showing which conditions are marginal (need to be monitored over the first 6 months) and defective (not currently functioning as they should).

We believe that if everyone has full knowledge about the condition of the home, they are purchasing then the homebuyer is fully armed to understand the ACTUAL VALUE of their home. What do you need to put into your home to make it livable? For proper maintenance? For a great resale value in the future. Many Americans are busy with work and family, so they simply don’t have the time to upkeep everything. We understand that here at Eagle Eye Home Inspections, so we take the guesswork out for you. Let us serve you and I promise you; you will not regret it. Check out our BBB Reviews!


Call today for your inspection needs to ask the professionals about your most important financial decision – your home! The least that you can do is at least ask and see if we can help. We would love to assist you in any way possible! 419-733-6508

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