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HIS Home for Children

H.I.S. Home For Children is a U.S. registered orphanage located at
Delmas 33, Rue Charbonnieres #123, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

Believing that the needs of all children are best met in the care of a permanent, loving family, H.I.S. HOME has facilitated the adoption of over 300 children to homes in the U.S., Canada, and France.

Adoption is not possible for all the children brought to us. H.I.S. HOME has worked diligently to develop programs for the children in our care that will spend their lives in Haiti. H.I.S. HOME welcomes and cares for many special needs children, many of who are severely impaired. Through proper nutrition, therapies, medical interventions and loving care, we strive to provide the best long-term solutions for these unique and special children.

H.I.S. Home for Children is an IRS-registered 501c3 charitable organization overseen by a Board of Directors and is funded solely through the generous giving of our supporters.

H.I.S. Home currently operates out of two large residential homes in Port au Prince. Our Boys and Special Needs house focuses on the long-term and lifetime care of 16 total care needs children and 14 school-age boys. Special wheelchairs, therapies and other amenities focused on improving the quality of life for our special needs children. H.I.S. Home commits to caring for these special kids for their entire lives or until God puts them into families. The infants, toddlers, and older girls live in the Main House.

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