New Board Member: Justin Monfort – Mercer County

As Frederick Douglass stated, “It is easier to raise strong children than to repair broken men.” My vision is to provide Christian education for all people at all stages of life. Whether someone is a child or in their later years, it’s never too early or too late to start pursuing Christ. My passion is to help them discover who Jesus Christ is. I joined the WOCC because Christians need to learn how to partner together and make a difference. I am shocked at how the “other side” will band together, yet Christians seemingly do their “own thing.” The WOCC allows us believers to unite and advance the gospel of Jesus Christ together! The WOCC will help businesses reach higher levels of excellence through Christian accountability and partnership.

We joined the WOCC in June of 2023. The two non-profit ministries I help lead are Kingdom Harvest Ministries (KHM) and Destiny School of Ministry (DSM). God has graciously provided a way for me to be able to help individuals’ lives through Bible education/discipleship.

From 2005-2012 our church operated a Bible College, 3-D Academy. We took a small break from 2012-2015. In 2015 we re-launched our Bible College with a new name, Destiny School of Ministry. I take great joy when we see our DSM students who go through the school and then start serving in ministry! I have had the unique privilege to come along several people, equipping them for the call God has placed on their lives. Last year was our most fruitful season of ministry, disciplining over 35 people in DSM.

At Kingdom Harvest Ministries, we reach around 400 kids weekly with the gospel of Jesus Christ during the school day. In the Celina High School, we fed about 30 students a hot meal everyday Monday – Friday, thanks to many businesses and churches supplying meals! We have partnered with Parkway, Celina, and St. Marys Schools. We launched KHM in 2017 and continue to add grades as the Lord leads us.

My highlight this year for KHM/DSM is to see our students who have been with us in KHM join us in DSM. My name is Justin Monfort, and I am honored to be called a follower of Jesus Christ.

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